Costa Rica Yoga Retreats



The Costa Rica Pura Vida Yoga vacation in Santa Teresa is for every woman that wants to stay healthy and enjoy life.

Yoga is good and powerful, our retreat will help you to find yourself , like only women can do. Yoga classes and simple rituals, excursions together at the beach and in the jungle. A fun and relaxing time. Our Yoga retreat will make you return home renewed, rejuvenated, recharged and in a really good mood! All of our teachers will guide you on a great adventure.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a popular activity for athletes, children, and seniors. Yoga can be modified to suit all levels of fitness. Yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure and increases strength and flexibility. Yoga energizes our bodies and calms our minds. We will explore different types of yoga practices through movement, breathing, relaxation and meditation in a format that everyone can understand.

Types of yoga


aerial-revolution-entertainmentIt’s easy to free your mind when a hammock is gently cradling you and gravity does the work of deepening your stretch. The compression-free inversions can be terrifying at first until you realize that the hammock has your back. Aerial yoga is all about trust. Trust and the blissful sensation that you’re floating.



hatha-yoga1The foundation of every style of yoga mentioned here. Traditional Hatha yoga is a holistic path that includes disciplines, physical postures (asana), purification procedures, breathing (pranayama), and meditation. Hatha practiced in the West consists of mostly physical postures and is also recognized as a gentle introductory yoga for people new to yoga.



dene-logan-selkin-hot-yoga-power-yoga-poseMany say Power yoga is the Western interpretation of Ashtanga. It is sometimes done in a heated room and focuses on the breath as fuel for the practice. This practice can be challenging for beginners, but is a nice balance to more gentle forms of yoga once you become comfortable with the different postures.



vinyasa_flow_yomeDerived from Ashtanga yoga, expect a class full of rhythmical flow (often combined with music) connecting each moment with unifying pranayama (breath). Classes can be more meditative or focused on the natural movement of the body, almost like dancing through postures. A great transition from Hatha when you’re looking for more of a challenge.



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