Why Us?

Surf Coach and Lessons

At Surfing Costa Rica Pura Vida, we are passionate about what we do. In fact, everything we do is about surfing.

As a result, we love to share our passion and enthusiasm with others. When we meet novice surfers and watch as they develop into surfers obsessed with surfing, we beam with pride.

In addition to our pride, passion, and enthusiasm, we also feel truly blessed to be located in such a beautiful area. This virgin stretch of Costa Rica is an ideal location for surfing trips, lessons, and tours. No matter what your surfing experience is, we can help. We offer all levels of lessons from beginning, intermediate and advanced and have taught thousands of guests how to surf.

We have a very simple and easy approach to teaching. All of our instructors are Costa Rican and we approach teaching guest how to surf the same way we live our lives. In 2012, Forbes Magazine named Costa Rica, “The Happiest Country on Earth.” When you catch your first wave, your smile will only be matched by that of your Costa Rican instructor. We will do everything we can to make sure your stay in Santa Teresa is the best experience of your life.

Each surf lesson is two hours long. To make transportation easy, we will pick you up at your hotel and deliver you to the beach. For first timers, we will start with a small intro on the beach and then move on to the water where our instructors will never leave your side.

Step one will be to line up on a wave. Don’t worry your instructor will help you with this by telling you when to paddle and will even push you in the right direction. When you are in the right spot, your instructor will tell you to “pop up,” and you will be ready to surf.

The entire time you are on the beach during your lesson, our professional photographer will be taking photos. Even better, these photos are complimentary and are great souvenirs to take home to your friends.

Don’t just take our word for it, Check out our testimonials

While we certainly want you to enjoy every second of your surfing time with us, we want your trip here to be much more than that. We also want you to take part in the Costa Rican way of life while you are here. Whether this means enjoying a conversation with a native, enjoying a cold pina colada, or feasting on Costa Rican cuisine, we encourage every guest to try living the Costa Rican way. Doing this will allow you to truly enjoy your time here.

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