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We hope you’re looking forward to your Surf Lessons in Costa Rica

If you have come to surf, then you have found the right place. Santa Teresa is world famous for it’s beautiful beaches and waves and we want to insure that your surfing experience is second to none.

When booking a surf vacation you typically have two choices:

  1. Sign up for a traditional surf camp where accommodations, surf time and daily activities are pre-planned to best suit the group as a whole instead of your individual needs.
  2. Rent a board at a local surf shop and hope for the best. All too often we have seen visitors with the do-it-yourself mentality rent a board for the day, attempt the waves, and leave disappointed.

We take a different approach.

We offer a world class surfing experience while allowing you to customize your daily events so that you can optimize every moment of your vacation.

For those not interested in one of our surf packages we allow our guest to book a hotel that not only meets your needs, but also for the non surfer who may be traveling with you. We understand that some guests just wants to relax and enjoy some pool or beach time. We also realize that you may not want to surf every day so you only pay for the days you want.

Our goal at Surfing Costa Rica Pura Vida is to make sure that our guest never walk away disappointed. You will know what it is like to surf the coast of Santa Teresa as it was intended through the knowledge of local instructors.

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Like many other surfing destinations around the world, locals are very protective of their waves – just ask anyone who’s ever tried to surf pipeline in Hawaii.

Cesar, the owner of Surfing Costa Rica Pura Vida is a well respected, lifelong resident of Costa Rica – which gives him and his guest first rights to surf the best breaks.
Cesar will pick you up at your hotel each morning and after a brief instruction on the beach, it’s then time to hit the waves.
With so many tours available we realise that you may not want to sign up for a week of surf lessons, so we want to let you build your surf vacation around your schedule. We also offer a number of other great jungle and oceans tours that Cesar will arrange for you once you arrive.



Your surf tour includes:

  • 2 hours of daily surf lessons with Cesar and his team of professional instructors
  • Transportation to and from the beach. We pick you up at your hotel
  • The best surfboards on the market for all levels of experience
  • Surf shirt (rash guard provided during the lesson)
  • Fresh fruit after your surf lesson
  • Professional photography to share with your friends (up to 2 people)

After you’ve booked your hotel reservations, please call or email us to reserve your spot.

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