Costa Rica Surf Camps


Available for all Levels

At Surfing Costa Rica Pura Vida we understand that there are all different levels of surfing because of this we offer different surf camps and lessons that cater to your specific skill level.

Beginner Surf School & Lessons

Costa Rica Surf CoachLearn to surf in one of the most beautiful places around here, Playa Hermosa. It has a flat sandy bottom with everything you need to be able to have the best rides of your life. On the first day we provide you with all you need for your surfing experience, always making you feel safe and comfortable in the water, we will teach you the surfing techniques and build up the confidence you need “to know the way around while you are surfing”. Give yourself an opportunity to change your life style starting with us!



Intermediate Surf Camp & Tour

Santa TeresaWhile being in the water by yourself and having some knowledge about surfing, the most common question is “How do I know where to be when the waves come?” Well, it will take you a while to really understand how to read the water, but we will guide you step by step everyday until you get a better perspective of how the waves work. We will give you tips and point out everything we see you need to change, or try different to improve your surfing level.



Advanced Surf Tour & Camp

Surfing Santa TeresaWe are well respected locals in the area here, therefore you will able to surf all the good spots around with us, and we will definitely get the breaks at the right time with the best tide. Get ready to see the surfing around here like most people wish they could!




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