Stand Up Paddling

SUP Costa RicaStand Up Paddle Boarding is an extremely enjoyable event that is both relaxing and invigorating. In fact, paddle boarding is often referred to as an “all body workout.” Even better, this fun activity is easy for anybody to learn. To begin your lesson, we will launch directly in front of the soccer field. Once launched, we will paddle towards the “Cabo Blanco Reserve.” During this time, guests will be given the opportunity to take in scenic views. Next, we will paddle towards Mar Azul point. The entire tour will last about one hour. However, if guests are having an exceptional time, it is possible to extend the tour by an additional half hour. The best times to take our stand up paddling tour are first thing in the morning. We offer tours as early as 7am, and continue to offer morning tours until 9:30am. Our afternoon tours begin at 3:30pm and can be scheduled as late as 4:30pm. There is no minimum number of guests for each tour, so a party of one is just fine with us, but the maximum amount of guests for each tour is four.