Surf camp Mal paisWhat a treat! I came to Santa Teresa with the intentions of relaxing, enjoying the beach and learning to surf. I’ve lived in coastal surf towns most of my life yet never took the time to learn, and so I arrived determined. I was however a bit disappointed when I got into town during peak and found that most of the surf instruction companies were large groups of 6-12 people and for the 2 hours you pay for it didn’t seem like I was really going to get my money’s worth. Then fate had me cross paths with Cesar and my Costa Rica dreams came true. He picked us up each morning, provided excellent rash guards and boards to learn on, and took us to an ideal beach away from the hot spots downtown. And on top of this he was an amazing instructor! Very knowledgeable and dedicated to making sure you learn the right way. He’s supportive and helpful but pushes you to adapt and challenge. He’s quite the character and his approach is entertaining and sometimes intense. By our third lesson I was paddling out, standing up and riding the wave all on my own, I couldn’t be more proud by that accomplishment. I had such a positive experience that I’m hoping to continue my practice back in California. I highly recommend you align with Cesar if you have any desires to learn to surf while in Santa Teresa, I know I will if I have the opportunity to return. Pura Vida!
-Emily from L.A. California

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