Costa Rica Surfing locations for beginners to advanced surfers… We have the perfect locations for you!!

BeginnersBeginner Breaks

(Playa Hermosa)
A long sandy beach with easy going beach breaks, both lefts and rights, well suited for surf beginners.

Like other beaches in the area, the surfing here is good—its northern end sports a beach break both on the left and right. South of this the ocean calms down a bit and there are nice spots for swimming. There are no underwater rocks, so swimmers can explore beneath the surface (either with or without the aid or a snorkel) safely. Aside from this, Playa Hermosa is an awesome spot to sunbathe, read, or jog. The palm and almendro trees lining the beach provide some shade.

Perfect opportunity for the beginners to take breaks whenever they need them…

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Intermediate Breaks

(Playa El Carmen)
The main surf beach, Playa El Carmen, is on the border between Malpais and Santa Teresa. It has a good set of sand bars that offer some nice lefts and slightly longer rights. The break of Playa El Carmen is popular with long-boarders but you can always find a few hot short-boarders pulling tail slides, aerials and 360s. Rip tides and beach breaks at Playa El Carmen are less powerful than in other surf spots on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, which makes it well suited for the intermediate surfers…

classes and toursAdvanced Breaks

(Santa Teresa)

Here the sandy ocean bottom has a steeper incline which produces more powerful right and left breaking waves providing a more challenging ride. The uncrowded beach and the warm water all year around makes it really hard to leave. one of the best parts of the beach is that you can surf anytime (low tide -middle tide-high tide) .

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