Costa Rica Surfing locations for beginners to advanced surfers… We have the perfect locations for you!!

Surfing Santa Teresa

Beginner Breaks (Playa Hermosa) A long sandy beach with easy going beach breaks, both lefts and rights, well suited for surf beginners. Like other beaches in the area, the surfing here is good—its northern end sports a beach break both on the left and…

Costa Rica Wild Life

White Faced Monkey

The white faced monkeys are distinct in appearance from other Central American primates: they have a black body with a white upper chest and shoulders, and a white face with a black cap on top of their head. They are diurnal and arboreal, and…

More Sunsets

surfing costa rica

Everyday we try to capture these beautiful moments and get ready for tomorrow.This is when we always wonder how the surfing is going to be like the next day. .

Surfing Lessons This Morning

Santa Teresa tours

The waves were great for lessons this morning. Everyone was catching waves and enjoying themselves in the warm water with the smooth offshore breeze. Playa Hermosa is where we made the call because of its long sandy beach and easy access to waves for…

Offshore Winds + Waves = Barrels

Santa Teresa Surf

We have been getting a steady supply of offshore winds the past few mornings. Although the waves have not been that big, they have been a lot of fun with perfect shape.

Surf Lesson With Old Friends

Surf Coach

One of the greatest things about teaching people how to surf is all the new people that you get to meet. This morning I had a class with a couple that i met over 6 years ago. Each year they come down for a…