Santa Teresa Costa Rica


Costa Rica is known around the world as one of the most beautiful areas on earth. With sandy, white beaches and world class surfing to be done, Santa Teresa Costa Rica is quickly becoming one of the most popular areas to travel for those vacationing in Costa Rica.

Unlike other beach areas, the area near Santa Teresa is hugged by jungle trees, which means there are plenty of shady spots to take a nap or read a book between waves. Since this area isn’t as developed as other areas of Costa Rica, there are no tall office buildings or skyscrapers, the views of the coast are continuous. In fact, you can see as far as Cabo Blanco and Mal Pais from the shores of Santa Teresa.

A few years ago, Santa Teresa was simply a village town. However, since accidental tourists quickly fell in love with Santa Teresa, the area has grown rapidly. As a result of visitors from all over the world, Santa Teresa is now home to a variety of restaurants, bars, vacation rentals, and hotels. Even better, these amenities vary to match any budget and any taste.

Santa TeresaSanta Teresa’s main clientele is surfers. As a result, many of the hotels are surf-themed. As a bonus, Santa Teresa caters to surfers of any ability, level, and age. For those who are just beginning, the breaks on Playa Santa Teresa and Playa Carmen are the perfect places to start.

While many of the tourists in this area are surfers, you don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy the area. There are plenty of activities for those visiting Santa Teresa Costa Rica. Non-surfers will enjoy the beautiful beaches and miles of picturesque coastline. For those that want to reach more remote villages and beaches, a bicycle or ATV can be rented right in Santa Teresa.

yoga-tropicolatino14In addition to surfing, there are a plethora of other activities to choose from including peninsula boat tours, snorkeling, fishing,horseback riding, kite surfing, SUP, and canopy tours around Cabo Blanco’s Nature Reserve. Another popular activity in Santa Teresa is yoga, which is offered in many hotels around the area. Many of the resorts even specialize in a combination of health retreats, surf, and yoga.


IMG_1535While surfing and yoga are popular daytime activities, the nightlife in Santa Teresa is exciting as well. The most exciting time of year in this surfing town is during high season and during the Christmas holiday. To truly appreciate the nightlife in Santa Teresa, check out “La Lora.” While there, make sure to get your groove on in the dancehall. To spotlight, their tropical lifestyle, many DJs specialize in reggae, while others spin popular electronic dance music.

No matter what brings you to Santa Teresa, when the sun begins to set over the Pacific Ocean everyone will enjoy relaxing in the cool breeze and watching the surfers in the distance while the sun begins to set.

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